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        Established in 2019, Shandong lanyue New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise platform dedicated to research and development and production of sports materials.

        The company has modern office environment, advanced production equipment, high-quality scientific research personnel and management team, with 139 employees, including 2 senior engineers, 12 engineers and 43 professional and technical personnel.

        The company has established a standard chemical plant specializing in the production of polyurethane sports materials and an environmental protection standard production line with an annual output of 15000 tons. The main products are: one component integrated plastic raceway material, one component integrated silicon Pu raceway material, two component plastic raceway material, two component self textured raceway material, air permeable raceway special polyurethane adhesive, sports ground special primer and interface agent, high adhesion elastic polyurethane finish, etc.


        公司架构  /  Company structure

        董事长办公室 Chairman's Office

        财务部 Finance Department

        综合服务部 General Service Department

        产品研发部 Product R & D department

        产品试验室 Product laboratory

        生产服务部 Production service department

        工程服务部 Engineering Service Department

        物流服务部 Logistics Service Department

        采购服务部 Purchasing service department

        品牌策划部 Brand planning department

        售后服务部 After sales service department

        生产能力  /  Production capacity


        The company has introduced the industry-leading production line equipment, equipped with reaction kettle, dispersion kettle, mixing device, heating device, condenser, waste heat recovery device, vacuum pump and temperature control device, with high production automation and rapid production reaction speed. Raw materials are processed by multiple processes through strict material handling procedures, and are prepared and produced in a vacuum state, ensuring high quality while retaining its environmental protection characteristics.

        生产研发   /  Production R & D



        Our company has built a new production line of sports venue materials, with an annual output of 15000 tons of various models of products, which is designed and installed in full accordance with the national standards GB / t31962-2015, gb12348-2008, GB16297-1996, gb18599-2001, GB18597-2001 and the industry standards DB37 / 2801.6-2018. The production line has been approved by the environmental protection department and put into production.

        The company has set up a product R & D department, which is mainly engaged in R & D and innovation in the aspects of product renewal, construction process improvement, more green, environmental protection and simple use of sports venue materials. The company also cooperates with Wanhua Group, Jiangnan University and Qingdao University of science and technology to improve its R & D ability and product testing ability.

        合作伙伴   /  cooperative partner


        In the field of sports materials, the company is always committed to communication and cooperation with cutting-edge educational institutions and customers, and creates new value through close and high-level technology and partnership. Realize your material solutions through the unique and innovative new products. At the same time, our company will gradually establish a nationwide partnership to gradually promote the healthy development of the domestic sports material industry.

        电话 ().png 0535-2720797

        定位.png 地址:山东省 烟台市 自贸区